terça-feira, 9 de agosto de 2011

Open Sky



Sky, most of time is put as synonymous for infinity. His unlimited frame and absence of borders contrasts with a space occupied for all extents and material things differenced through sensitive experience. Colors and forms extended above our heads are just limited through the horizon line that apparently rounding ourselves alongside  a space occupied for the material objects superposed. As a fold that distinguishes the volume of figures fixed by  our view, horizon appear as the last limit of  sensitive perception. Beyond this line we have only the chaos of possibilities itself  dependent on the abstraction that creates a plan to project the forms of our thought . Our senses are not able to acquire each form  unless the abstraction fixes the world apprehended by the perception, creating a support for the thought and for each thing represented by it. If  abstracted forms support the thought it is the language that supports  abstracted forms. The world acquired by the sensitive experience, represented by the thought and described by the language come to us in order to make us  able to separate what is observed from the point of observation where the subject is and where each possibility  could be switch flipped into the world of forms. This is the plane where the act of knowing tends to coincide with the act that generates the reality, and we can call it plan of reference. A space where are constituted the limits or borders in which the subject confronts the chaos of all the possibilities as a plurality of worlds that emerges from a continuum state of flux. This is the plane from where  the differences between the contents rises and allows the subject to say the object. The differences appear when the subject itself overcame the contents where it is mixed itself and the excitation generated by this movement is connected in a chain of synthesis that constitutes the process of the knowledge.  If we intend to get back to the potential that underlines each content into the process of the knowledge we will face the abstraction as the first point where everything comes from and enter into the existence defining the reality of each content that appears for the subject of the abstraction. Everything we perceive, we experience and think. From that point comes the distinction between inside and outside, subject and world.

Abstraction creates measures for view and for description of what comes in a sequence of events in time and space, regulating this sequence  and addressing things in a continuo movement where one content is related to another. If we want to reach the pure duration of the events outside the limit of time and space we have to refuse to use the abstraction as a tool for the thought. How could we be able to overcame the abstraction? The answer should be beyond  the last limit of each image of thought where we find a  pure dynamism that refuses determinacy and escapes from  traditional categories of the abstracted thinking an the language as the support to the abstraction. The problem must drive us to a language that is free for operate the trip to a place of the pure dynamism, a place where thought is formed without  fix forms of the abstraction and where we are able to hear the sounds of the silence, absences and gaps, where we can be directly in touch with the force of the virtual. Would be better if we already could define at this moment the concept of virtual pushing the sentences too far and ahead the limits of the language of the abstraction, recovering the potential lying under the words which is out of the field of actualization and escapes all measure because it is in a continuos and unstoppable movement that only acquire forms of the abstraction through a slowing down that produces the deferences throughout we can say the world apprehended by the perception. Out of this process we find an operation that doesn't imply any point of departure or arrival because it stops up the breaches of deference and repetition and produces a time taken as a whole, which leaps over the rupture of the repetitive present and open a space without extension only populated for the intensive multiplicities. Enter into this universe require  specials warners if we don't intent to fall down into a empty hole of  a complete absence of meaning taking account that we start sailing a river that is a mixed liquid that one may never stop shaking as originally described by Heraclitus. If we overcome the abstraction as the last limit of the reality we enter in a dimension that could be considered unthinkable and indescribable at first sight, unless we submerge under a river without surface, bottom or bank in a series of "nonplaces" where language escapes and where is constituted the ensemble of the actual and the virtual.

To mark the path where we could have the contrast between the actual and the virtual as a requirement to a non abstracted thinking we should turn back to Nietzsche and to his critique of the history and the importance of the memory as a tool that fixes the present and creates a field where time is archived as solution of thinking continuity,  organizing  the past and the future that evade the present, transforming the movement of life into material extensibility. The definition of nature as posited by Nietzsche to describe the feeling of seeing the herds grazing that don't know what yesterday or today is. They spring around, eat, rest, digest, jump up again, and so from morning to night and from day to day with its likes and dislikes closely tied to the peg of the moment, and thus neither melancholy nor weary. At the same time we could turn to the definition of freedom in Spinoza where a thing is said free when it exists by the necessity of his nature and when in itself is determined to act. In that view a thing necessarily exists if there is nothing constrained its. He says that the potentiality of existence is a power and the non-existence is a negation of power. Thus he is not talking about the autonomous will of the subject but the inhuman power for life. I call this "discipline of being". Neither categorical nor hypothetical, I think the imperative impulse as natural. Everything is natural if we consider the nature as a set of forces in a constant relationship, what Nietzsche calls the forces of power or "quantum", as well as particle physicists. Forces that form and sustain everything that exists. Forces that do not be constrained  because  following shifting, changing and trying to find a space for expression. Forces generating forms, dense matter and matter invisible to the eye, organic and inorganic, forms of content and forms of expression, bodies, instincts or thoughts, energy that keep things acting to be. According Nietzsche, "when something happens to this or that way and not otherwise, is not the consequence of a principle of a law or order but it shows how forces are at work and how they exercise power over other forces (...) A quantum of force is defined by action that  it produces and by the effect that it  resists".

Everything that exists  comes down as an interactive process of forces. We call these forces, then, forces of nature, once we consider nature as the essence of all things that exist and through his nature exists this or that way and not another. Each thing carries the power of existence in a specific way and that continue to act  even when face a  power from anything else, when any other power to intervene and prevent it runs its course. Power of the rain falling and that stop falling  when the earth appear as the power that moves and makes it run in a riverbed until the power of the sun starts evaporating it and makes an encounter with the power of the cold that condenses and makes a cloud. The power of sexual excitement of a body with another body that keeps you excited tan changes this excitement by the explosion of an orgasm that makes the power shedding in semen which flows to find the strength of an egg that prevents it from continuing running as semen through fertilization that releases the egg which grasps the power of the meiotic process that makes it multiply in ever larger units of life. Everything is power and  forms of the world that appear as a relationship between them. The power of observing and describing this process is a state of the beings of language self called rational animals, which consider the forms of the world and organize the space making these forms take on particular significance in the chain of its relationship with the world. The ability of getting the contents that rise into the sensitive perception and through the cognitive syntheses creates the boundaries between the dimensions of interior, exterior, height, width and depth, separating contents into the time and space and then cataloging its forms and recording it in its memory. It makes the rational animal  reproduces it by the names that define their differences until they reach a critical difference that separates it from everything else. Then the beings from memory  construct a particular world through the language and this world is compound of living and inanimate objects that by the taxonomy of the contents of nature this world towers over everyone as a sort of privileged habitat for beings.

This  being, thus fully differentiated from other beings but unable to understand how it got there, becomes  being-man and it starts looking for something that exceeds in power the various powers in nature to help him to rule over them. As the flow of power in nature is impermanent, considering the action of the various quantum forces that produce and resist against these actions, man tries to find  absolute power that does not changes its essence itself and because of this prevails over all others and that way establish a limit between the mutable and the unchangeable, the impermanent and permantente, since his life seems to protect him from  the avalanche of  transitoriness that threaten return it to the undifferentiated state from which sprang to establish itself as observer through the ability to retain the present moment in his memory and turns them in history. Out of this history from where the being is told by himself man and figures mixed with other beings, we cross the limits established to describe the process of forces at work by meanings from a language that express original causes and final effects for the highest heaven over his head or into the recesses of the pit under his feet. These limits were established by various representations throughout human history and always protected the beings of language from the threat of lightheadedness that would dissolve him back into nature as a power along with the other, without history, memory or consciousness of the process of being in the world.

However, If we intend to represent the field of forces in its intensive relation, out of the ordinary sense of the dense matter occupying a extensible dimension, we have to deal with essences that could not be confused with  the space of extension where the forms lie at, but a space of multiplicity of powers in as infinite movement. In this plane, thinking consists in a deterritorialization of all forms of classical unity of the dense matter to a multiplicity of singularities and lines in perpetual variation. Multiplicity is a infinite movement of powers into a chaos of coexistence  and its essence is a frequency as vibration of power. The world of existence appears to us when the powers tend to take leave of chaos, abandon the delicacy in favor of regularity and predictability that provokes a crystallization, tracing vectors between chaos and thought. If we intend to encounter chaos in a pure and untrammeled state as multiplicity of powers in a infinite movement, we have to cross the limit of the forms through a thinking that is able to enter in the infinite variability, moving itself at infinite speeds of chaotic forces. The dense matter that occupy the extent space arises  from chaos as a relation of forces compounding the fix forms. If chaos consists in a ceaselessly modulation field of differences,  the acceleration and stops of these related powers,  distributes the intensities and reduce the difference to identity. The actualization processes moves from the proliferation of differences to their reduction and is given as the equalization of difference. Difference in this sense is the absolutely different, undetermined forces in an infinite flux having the difference itself as its condition and this movement is the coexistence of different rhythms as a generative force. Its  different rhythms could be referred in a potential energy as the fundamental element of a integrated state, where the instability of this flux is directly related to the power and its activity. The more  a state is far from equilibrium the more is the potential energy or the free energy in its flux. Free energy is an infinite movement of powers in a state of absolute difference. The state far from equilibrium also can be described as a repetition of this absolute difference as an unpredictable stream of effective new.  The state far from equilibrium is the dimension of the virtual that is a movement of forces or tendencies in its absolute process of difference. The virtual is the pure difference , the new, absolute different that repeats itself as unpredictable stream of effective new, doing each time as the first, in a series that is always able to differ from itself. This is what Nietzsche used to call "eternal return". The return of the new and the absolute different. Matter as a form appear when this series of divergent forces result in a form as product of a difference, correlated  frequencies with  an appetite for novelty  that extends the play of difference within a field of actualization.

The reality perceived by the human sense could be thought as a intensive flux from nowhere to no place itself in a movement that can’t be describe in terms of a geometric spatial trajectory but only in a field where frequencies enter in a different type of relation. Frequency is a way as the forces are tensioned  and expressed in terms of vibrations. There are two types of relation for frequencies. One produces integrated systems, where dos not exist  a interaction of bodies or particles and an other that  produces a non integrated system, where a interaction of bodies is given by resonances. The correlation of frequencies proceeds by minimizing variation and tends to confine the forces into the matter to increasingly narrower cycles of becoming, resulting in a surplus code, matter flow or matter-movement, in a sedimentation process that leads to a difference of degrees of a non integrated system. At this point we could define the actual as a process of stratification of a self-organized system. At he end of XIX, Henri Poincaré demonstrated the fundamental difference between integrated and non integrated  systems. He showed that the most of dynamic systems were non integrated. An integrated dynamic system is  said as a system where the variables could be define in a way that  forces are free and the behave of this system itself becomes isomorphic. He demonstrated that only a reduced classes of dynamic system were integrated and that this integration is threatened by the existence of resonances between grades of freedom in a system. Resonance could be said as a relation between frequencies and it is produced when one of the frequencies is equivalent to a entire multiple of another. Integrated system could be represented as being constituted by bodies without interaction, in a field of a qualitative pure movement of differences. The dimension of tensions and vibrations that expands themselves as a infinite movement of a pure difference is the dimension of virtual. In the other hand, non integrated systems represent a field where collision of forces makes  a distribution of differences speeds more symmetric and creates correlation the forces into a correlated flux that reduce the pure difference, or the difference of kind, to difference of degrees of energy. The light emitted and absorbed, the coupling of sounds and quantum of energy, are the results at differences between two levels of energy as the limit of  expansion and pure duration of the virtual. The least contracted point as a frequency that runs to a most contracted, interactions as the way as the differences of intensities are communicated into a space of extension. Thus the matter is a space of the contraction of vibrations in a point of chocks of energies quantum that determine the field of actual individuation. Until this point its not requested any other element out of a full multiplicity that assume a spectrum of a monism of a integrated system. The infinite movement is a eternal return of an absolute difference as  duration that is expansion of forces, energies, powers or frequencies. However the main question is given in that point. How the resonances take place in the process from the virtual to actual field?

Backing to the pre-socratics thought we find that an element introduced as responsible for the passage from the virtual to the actual dimension. They used to define this element as  "clinâmen" . According to Lucretius  it is the unpredictable swerve that occurs "at no fixed place or time": The first atomists used to say that when atoms move straight down through the void by their own weight, they deflect a bit in space at a quite uncertain time and in uncertain places, just enough that you could say that their motion has changed. But if they were not in the habit of swerving, they would all fall straight down through the depths of the void, like drops of rain, and no collision would occur, nor would any blow be produced among the atoms. In that case, nature would never have produced anything. According to the first atomists, the global nature is formed by the set of atoms in a static and entropic isomorphic, in the sense that would mean death. Things would be statics in a perpetual flow. Thus the atoms would be immortal and would be in free fall, without touch itself and in a parallel flow of a stream equivalent to the principle of inertia. The "clinâmen" would be the slope in the inert atomic chain as a driving force or minimum angle that produces shocks and twists in the time and space of the dynamic. In this sense the original state of things describes by the atomists is closer to the integrated system describe by Poincaré and the "clinamên" is closer  to the resonances. Therefore, the isomorphism of the integrated system is the state of coexistence of a multiplicity of quantum in a static movement in a virtual field of a eternal silence of the infinite spaces. When this silence is broke, the actual world of the correlated forces appear and brings together the life. For the fundamental states of matter, atom and void, tact is the condition of possibility of experience. The world,  objects, bodies and even the soul are part of a decline from a integrated system. The nature declined exactly when it was born and it will continue to decline back to death that is the integrated and isomorphic state of non interacted quantum of immortal energy, that is immortal only because it wasn't born yet. The process of the reality is a relation of forces in its resonances, going down in a process of existence, in chocks and interaction with other forcers.

The question is: What makes a force to insist, persist, hammering, even when other force opposed? We would say that persistence is the nature of the force that causes it and tends to something without being able to release this particular action. If we consider that every form is a relation of forces and the whole body is the last limit of unit forms, we would say that certain bodies, on trend, they insist on something because of their own nature, without any other force is able to stop it but exterminating it. It seems something easily observable that the nature of things carries, in itself, the power of continuity, but the relationship between these powers in the formation of the many things. At the end of the day it  is the point that must be considered here. When is said that the infinite movement  is compound for the virtual and the actual, even so we can't  explain why  is processed the passage between these two dimensions. What makes things to be is here an engine. A producer of motion, a force which no one knows. How to avoid the producer's output, and so on? How to stop the leak source? How to avoid a first mover transcendent, outside the world of nature as separated element. Transcendence has helped man in his task of building human societies through different conceptions of it.  If the transcendent in some groups remains in traditional garb in others it takes on a supposedly more appropriate criteria of rationality, however it presents itself as an element separate from the flow of nature, able to give humans a stable world, known and secure guaranteed the necessary order of the group or the conservation of the species. Once again, in search of the order of the natural processes by streamlining the human species set out in search of best practices aimed at ensuring its survival, even in codes that are intended to regulate the conduct, establishing ethical and legal principles that define acceptable behavior and subscribe it to moral and legal requirements governing each human group. The will to power or the power to exist, is regulated by an institutionalized power devices in the various spheres of the social group, taming the instincts and subjecting the natural and inhuman power to the test of an ideal utilitarian conservation of the species. Would be fine if we could overcome  the sovereignty of subject and its regulatory process to acquire the internal dynamic that assure the material reality of both subject and object, subverting the regulatory-discursive stratum of power. Sometimes the risk of being out of this stratum comes from the habit of build new spaces in the ordinary sense of a oriented topology that only substitutes a stratum for another one, providing another privileged shelter for the sovereignty of consciousness. The attempt to achieve a horizon of an open sky must lead us to plane where the obstacles are removed, spaces cleared, edges smoothed and resistance reduced, reconstituting the plan of the virtual integrated field.

In that point we would like to invoke the changes processed in the time of high speed technology and called by us super-modernity, as a tool that virtualized the bodies and liberated lines of scape of a discontinuous time and a non extensible space that must not be thought in terms of geometric plane of succession but in a moving of non relational forces. If the virtual plane is a pure duration of the difference, and the pure duration is a integrated field of forces in infinite movement, the possibility to reach the forces out of the resonances of entire multiples, in a zone of indistinction of a vanishing horizon, where places disappears in the geographic annihilation of distances and revels us the void of a timelessness and an open sky.